Construction and Detours


Willow Creek Trail Detour

Project Description:  The section of the Willow Creek Trail from Willow Creek Park to C470 will be closed or partially closed.  The bridge in Willow Creek Park is being replaced and the crusher fines trail surface is being upgraded to concrete.  Please follow detour signs on the trail.
Anticipated Closed Dates: November 10 through February 2015
Project Contact: Melissa Reese-Thacker, Senior Park Planner, or 303-483-7023

Reynolds Landing Detour

Project description:  Public vehicle access to Reynolds Landing parking lot will be closed from Santa Fe Drive due to the paving and street reconstruction project for the Breckenridge Brewery development on Briarwood Street. Construction operations and repaving of the street will be taking place which will limit access to construction traffic only. The park is still open and accessible from the Carson Nature Center or Lee Gulch Overlook.
Anticipated Parking Lot Closed Dates:Approximately through March 2015
Project Contact: Brett Collins, Director of Planning, Building Infrastructure and Construction, or 303-483-7021

Mary Carter Greenway Trail Detour

Project description: A section of the Mary Carter Greenway trail, underneath the Hamilton Street Bridge in Sheridan, is closed until further notice, while concrete repair work is done on the bridge.  Please follow designated detours around the site.
Anticipated Construction Dates: TBD
Project Contact: Brett Collins, Director of Planning, Building Infrastructure and Construction, or 303-483-7021


South Suburban is dedicated to the improvement of its facilities, parks & trails for the good of the community. Projects are listed by earliest start date. Please check back periodically for new projects.

Fairways at Lone Tree Park Landscape Project

Project description:  The project includes enhancing the landscape on the southeastern hillside near Troon Village Dr, with plantings and boulder retaining walls.  A concrete trail will be installed allowing pedestrian access to and from the park via Troon Village Dr.  The proposed trail and plantings will replace an existing habit path that has eroded the hillside due to the existing steep grade.
Anticipated Construction Dates:
December 2014 – April 2015
Project Contact:
Steve White, Park Planner I, or 303-483-7024

Wynetka Ponds Improvements

Project description: Improvements will be made to the park amenities at Wynetka Ponds including a new shelter in the dog park, a port-o-let enclosure near the parking lot and a trail connection from W. Bowles Ave to the existing trail system in the park. The existing trail access will remain open through the project and construction operations will yield to pedestrians. 
Project Construction Dates: September 2014-Jan 30, 2015
Project Contact: Steve White, Park Planner I, or 303-483-7024

Highlands 460 Trail Improvements

See Project Map
Description:Trail improvements will be made to the existing informal path near Arapaho Park.  The informal path exists from Big Dry Creek Trail south across S. Monroe Way through the City of Centennial’s Open Space and terminating at S. Adams St across from Arapaho Park.  The trail improvements will include widening the existing informal path to South Suburban’s District standard of an 8’ width for crusher fines trails.  This project will address the steep grade near Big Dry Creek and create a safer route to access the existing stepping stone at Big Dry Creek.  This project is jointly funded by South Suburban Parks and Recreation and the City of Centennial.
Project Time Frame: Fall 2014/Winter 2015
Project Construction Dates: TBD
Project Contact:  Chad Giron, Park Planner II, or 303-483-7020

Willow Creek Park, Bridge and Trail

Project description:  South Suburban Parks and Recreation and the City of Centennial, with an Arapahoe County Open Space Grant, are funding the improvements.  The existing playground equipment will be removed and replaced with equipment appropriate for children ages 5-12 years.  A new playground area for children ages 2-5 years will be constructed north of the existing playground. The new playground equipment and surfacing will provide improved accessibility and meet the American with Disabilities Act guidelines for play areas.   The deteriorating bridge near the playground will be replaced with a new bridge that will allow South Suburban's maintenance vehicles to pass, improving efficiency of maintenance operations. The 8' wide, crusher fines surfaced Willow Creek Trail, from the bridge south to the C-470 underpass, will be replaced with an 8' wide, all-weather concrete trail.
Anticipated Construction Dates: October 2014-April 2015 with restoration & finishing touches in Spring 2015
Project Contact: Melissa Reese-Thacker, Senior Park Planner, or 303-483-7023

Sheridan City Park

Project description:  A 0.5 acre park at the corner of W. Oxford Ave. and S. Hazel Ct., adjacent to the Sheridan City Hall, is being developed.  The park will include a concrete path and plaza, irrigated bluegrass turf and trees.  The project is owned/funded by the City of Sheridan and managed/maintained by South Suburban.
Anticipated Construction Dates: October 2014 to April 2015
Project Contact: Steve White, Park Planner I, or 303-483-7024


South Suburban Parks and Recreation is committed to continuously improving our stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by our Community.

Read morepdf about the sustainable measures we implement to save tax dollars, improve the health of our residents, improve the natural environment, protect natural resources and save energy.

Contact Information

For further information about any construction, detours, proposed or sustainability projects, please contact Brett Collins, Director of Planning and Development, 303-483-7021.